What projects REALLY matter in your business?

Some tasks keep your business going and some tasks keep your business growing.  The tasks that keep your business growing are commonly strategically linked and incorporated into a larger project. Identifying what projects your business initiates is contingent on your customers’ future requirements or desires.  For the Steve Jobs of the world, these projects include [...]

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Economic Impact of Your Business

Your business is important to you. Have you thought about whether your business matters to anyone else? The answer to this question is known as economic impact.  When a stone is dropped in a river, the stone's impact pushes waves outward through the water.  The money dispersed through your business passes through Brentwood, Williamson County, [...]

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Active Listening

Can you hear me now? If you use a wireless telephone, you have probably asked that question many times.   Both sending and receiving signals are essential to telecommunication.  If your phone cannot send a signal or if it cannot receive a signal, you cannot receive information much less communicate with another person. Being able to [...]

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Team Pruning

How do you trim your shrubs?  Maybe you don't.  If you hire someone to do that chore, take time to notice how some of the lawn care workers handle that task.  They trim by cutting the long and uneven shoots to shape the bush or shrub to its predetermined form. This method does not take into [...]

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What Got You Here

What got you here won't get you there. That sentence is the title of a business book that develops the premise that a handful of workplace habits often keep successful people from making the next leap forward in their career. While the personal application is useful, think about how that admonition applies to the growth [...]

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Conflict resolution 101

Why can't we all just get along? That question is a good one if you are assuming that we should all agree all the time.  The fact is that we can agree all the time only if you see things exactly as I do … and if I don't change my mind! We not only [...]

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Knowing your cash flow key to success … and getting paid

Let's talk about money. You want your business to make money…a lot would be good.  And, you want to be able to keep as much as you can. What we're talking about is cash management and cash flow. Are you actually making money (a profit), not just recording sales? Most businesses are good at tracking [...]

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Time Management

Let's ban time management. Someone who says, "You have time management issues" has not grasped the nature of life and work. Those people want us to live according to their decisions. Time management is not a calendar, or a PDA, or a new piece of software. Those aids help manage work and activity. Time management [...]

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Do You Know Your Numbers?

Saying "I don't know" to this question bodes trouble for a business owner. Successful businesses (aka businesses that make money for their owners) are developed using a profit-making financial model. Do you know your financial model? Do you know how your business makes money? The financial plan for making money and being profitable should be [...]

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