Some tasks keep your business going and some tasks keep your business growing.  The tasks that keep your business growing are commonly strategically linked and incorporated into a larger project.

Identifying what projects your business initiates is contingent on your customers’ future requirements or desires.  For the Steve Jobs of the world, these projects include producing products and services even before your customers know they want them! But that is an entirely different article.

What will your customers require from your business between now and 2015? 2020?  Will it involve any of the following?

  • Technology implementations
  • Business development initiatives
  • Introduction of new product lines
  • Integration of businesses after an acquisition or merger

Your answers—and maybe they are at best guesses– come from your strategic plan.   Your plan is your GPS for your business decisions and from it you identify, define, plan, execute and close out projects which form the foundation for growth and development.

What projects really matter in my business?  The ones you know will keep your business going and growing.

Given the fact that fewer than 30% of the projects companies initiate to change their business are successful, let Clover Management Group add its expertise and resources to help you plan and implement the projects that really matter to your business.